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Flamerite Arlo 22 Electric Fire

The Arlo 22 is a stunning, widescreen electric fire which is designed to be recessed into a standard fireplace back panel opening. It features Flamerite's renown Radia 3D providing a ultra realistic flame and charming glow. The Arlo 22 features a stylish fascia in a choice of Chrome, Black Nickel or Brass.


Flamerite Atlas 1000 Floor Standing Electric Fireplace Suite

The Atlas 1000 Floor Standing Suite incorporates Flamerite's stunning Glazer 3-sided electric fire and allows for simple installation where it can be fitted against a flat wall. Boasting a wonderful, 180º flame view plus the option of colour changeable flames when opting for the cutting-edge 'Nitra' flame.


Flamerite Atlas 1000 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Suite

Transform any room with the wall-mounted version of Flamerite's spectacular Atlas 1000. Simply hang on a flat wall to create a gorgeous, modern focal point which provides an incredible flame view from the highly advanced 3 sided electric fire. Radia or Nitra flame effect options.


Flamerite Aubade with Tennyson Cast Electric Fireplace Suite

At the heart of this regal, free-standing electric fireplace suite is the magnificent Tennyson arched inset boasting an authentic flame effect and a choice of glowing coal or log fuel bed. The Flamerite Aubade surround takes inspiration from classical designs but works equally well in modern settings.


Flamerite Austen Electric Fireplace Suite

If you're looking to add a beautiful, classical inspired fireplace into you home but don't have a chimney or flue, look no further than the Flamerite Austen electric fireplace suite. This free-standing fireplace can simply be placed against any flat wall without the need to inset.


Flamerite Bronte with Tennyson Electric Fireplace Suite

The Flamerite Bronte is a gorgeous, free-standing electric fireplace suite that combines a classic, stone-effect mantel, cast effect arched insert with realistic, LED electric flame effect and a granite effect hearth. Simple installation allow the fireplace to be fitted flush against a flat wall.


Flamerite Cisco 16 Electric Fire

The 16" Flamerite Cisco electric fire has the benefit of being able to fitted inset into a suitable fireplace with only 50mm inset depth needed or, if purchased with the optional spacer frame, it can be fitted free-standing without the need to recess. Offered in silver, black or brass finish.


Flamerite Cisco 22 Electric Fire

The highly innovative Flamerite Cisco 22 electric fire is based on a panoramic, 22" format yet is designed to be inset into a standard 16" fireplace opening. This allows anyone with a standard fireplace to enjoy a spectacular, widescreen feature fire without the need of a larger back panel cut out.


Flamerite Ennio 3 Sided Electric Fire

This stylish electric fire will add a modern feature to your fireplace. The Flamerite Ennio boasts the latest LED flame effect with a choice of Pebble, Coal or Cinderwood. The ultra-modern fascia can be supplied in gunmetal, silver or brass and you can choose between Radia or Nitra flame technology.


Flamerite Ennio 4 Sided Electric Fire

The 4-sided version of Flamerite's modern Ennio electric fire allows you to fit the fire raised up in the wall. A perfect addition to smaller wall spaces, the Ennio 4 is offered with a choice of Gunmetal, Silver or Brass trim and features an OmniGlide 2 position front glass panel.


Flamerite Exo 1000 Electric Fire

The amazing 3-sided Glazer 1000 electric fire is offered here with a complete 'flat wall' installation solution in three contemporary designs. The standard model features a wide floating hearth plinth and top plinth designed to be mounted on the wall or there's an optional base model for floor standing.


Flamerite Exo 1500 Electric Fire

Wow! The Glazer 1500 is now available with a dedicated base and top plinth allowing you to fix against a flat wall to create a stunning feature in any room. The Exo 1500 is offered in a choice of finishes and provides a modern surround to display this highly advanced, 3-sided panoramic electric fire.


Flamerite Exo 600 Electric Fire

A complete solution to allow you to hang the stunning Flamerite Glazer 600 3-Sided electric fire on the wall without the need for any extra building work. The Exo suite available with the Glazer 600 is offered in two variants, one with a top shelf 140mm high, the other a full height version 1305mm.


Flamerite Glazer 1000 1-Sided Inset Electric Fire

With a visible 'burn' area over 1 metre in width, the fabulous Flamerite Glazer 1000 single sided electric fire not only provides a stunning feature but has convected heat for when the temperature drops. This highly advanced fire can be operated by your phone or tablet through the dedicated app.

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