Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a priority for us, as it is for you. We understand that keeping you informed of what we do and why we do it is important to your relationship with us. We conform with the relevant data protection acts when any of your information has been entered and we cannot use any of this information without your consent. Any information stored is secured using password protection. If you would like to find out more information about your security and confidentiality please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is collected?

Personal information such as name, address, and telephone number.
When carrying out a transaction we require your card details which will be collected via a secure page by the bank.

When do we collect information?

When you visit our site and sign up with us.
When you purchase anything on our site.

What happens to this information?
  • We need this information to allow us to process your order, from arranging the delivery of your items to contacting you to confirm or upgrade your delivery.
  • We may also need to keep hold of this information after successful delivery.
  • We will need to process this information for accounting and regulatory purposes.
  • We will statistically analyse this information in order to improve our performance.
  • We want to give you the easiest and most enjoyable experience on our website and will therefore need to customise it and make it relevant for you.
  • We may also ask that you take part in giving customer feedback and form some market research to better our products and services.
  • We will not share any of this information with an outside or third party unless it is necessary for the completion of a transaction.

When you have entered your information we will give you the option of being informed about any discounts, promotions and news that may be relevant to you. You can un-tick the box if you do not want to be kept up to date. If you change your mind however, we can add you to our list with a simple phone call or email.


A cookie is a small text file that stores information on to your computer which can make future visits to our website more relevant and unique to you. They can recognise your device and will give you information that only applies to you therefore making your experience shopping with us more convenient and enjoyable. The different types of cookies are as follows:

Necessary Cookies
These cookies do not require consent as they enable services you have specifically asked for. They allow you to use our website freely without which you wouldn’t be able to use the shopping basket, checkout page and all other functions that require certain information to be remembered. They DO NOT remember any of your personal information (i.e. bank details) and CANNOT cause any harm to your computer.

Performance Cookies
These cookies provide us with information about how customers use our website, which allows us to make changes according to this data. Meaning that we can improve our website and keep on giving you a better service each time. These cookies are anonymous and will only give us data about how often people visit a page, for example, rather than who visits the page.

Functionality Cookies
These cookies make your experience shopping with us easier, remembering the choices you make. This type of cookie is agreed automatically by simply using our website. They will remember such things as your name, language and where in the world you are. This will provide you with a customized website experience. However, they can be made anonymous if you wish not to use them.

Refusing Cookies

You can request not to use cookies by changing the relevant settings on your computer. This may mean, however, that parts of our website will not be available to you. If you choose to use our website without activating the privacy setting, your consent will be automatically accepted to use these cookies.