Ekofires 6010 Flueless Gas Stove

Ekofires 6010 Flueless Gas Stove
Ekofires 6010 Flueless Gas StoveEkofires 6010 Flueless Gas StoveEkofires 6010 Flueless Gas StoveEkofires 6010 Flueless Gas StoveEkofires 6010 Flueless Gas Stove

Enjoy the fashionable 'woodburner' look even if you don't have a chimney with the new Eko 6010 flueless gas stove. This flueless gas stove incorporates a state-of-the-art catalytic converter with a heat output of up to 3.1kW. Black, Ivory or Burgundy finish with plain or lattice door designs.

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Eko Fires Official Supplier - 3 Year GuaranteeThe 6010 has recently updated and improved to feature a new robust cast iron body! The manufacturing techniques and production processes used to produce the castings gives the stove a much more defined appearance which captures the angles and lines on bodywork to produce a sleek finish with superb attention to detail.

Flueless gas stoves are the latest must-have in home decoration. Powerful, efficient and amazingly versatile heat. At last, a gas stove that is equally at home in urban city living as it is in rural country abodes.

The Eko 6010 flueless gas stove looks and feels like a real wood burner without the comprehensive installation requirements. No chimney or flue is required, no storage is required for the logs and a flueless gas stove does not require cleaning after use. The simplicity of gas at your finger tips and controllability of heat provides a system that is far superior to operate and cleaner to maintain. In addition to these benefits a flueless stove will be significantly cheaper to install.

The flueless stove engine features all the benefits of innovative catalytic technology; 100% efficiency, reduced running costs, simple installation and a new clean burning ribbon burner. As no chimney is required 100% of the heat is distributed into the room, making this stove not only an extremely reliable source of heat but a very affordable one too.

A minimum room size of 35m³ (typically 12’6” x 12’6” x 8’ high ceiling) and 100cm² of purpose provided ventilation (air vent). The Eko 6010 features a beautiful solid cast body and is available in matt black or ivory white finish.

At the heart of the Eko 6010 flueless stove is a large glass window that allows the authentic log effect fire to be enjoyed in all its beauty. There are two door designs to choose from: plain or arch lattice. And, finally to add detail and complement the overall aesthetic, a matching door handle and easy-to-operate slide control handle is finished in brushed stainless steel.

For complete safety and peace of mind, the Eko 6010 incorporates an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), which detect when the oxygen levels in the room fall below a specified level and cause the pilot flame to lift away from the sensing probe. This activates the Flame Failure Device (FFD), which cuts off the gas supply to the fire and renders the appliance safe.

For additional safety, the catalytic converter system ensures excellent levels of air quality. Independent tests commissioned to establish the life expectancy of the catalytic converter have proved that even after 16,957 hours (approximately equivalent to 27 years and eight months of normal use) the catalytic converter is as effective as when it is new.

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Fire Type Stove (Inset S35G)
Gas Type Natural Gas or LPG
Construction Cast Stove Body
Finish Black / Ivory / Burgundy
Efficiency 100%
Minimum Room Size 35m³
Control Type Slide
Flame/Fuel Effect Ribbon Flame - Logs
Open or Glass Fronted Glass Fronted
Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross 3.1kW / 1.5kW
Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross 3.1kW / 1.5kW
Installation Free-Standing
Air Vent Required 100cm²
Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor / Flame Failure Device / Catalytic Converter
Guarantee 3 Years

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Current delivery times for the 6010 Flueless Gas Stove is approximately 5 days however, this is dependant on stock levels at time of placing an order. Once an order is placed, we will contact you to advise if there is likely to be any delays on the estimated delivery time.

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