Gazco Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Gazco Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Balanced Flue Gas Fire
Gazco Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Increasing the appeal of one of Gazco’s most innovative gas fire ranges, Zero Clearance Kits are being introduced to allow homeowners to install either the Studio Slimline 1 or 2 fires into an opening or enclosure constructed from combustible materials.

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Gazco 5 Year Warranty Balanced FlueStudio Slimline Zero Clearance frame kits increase your installation possibilities around the home by allowing for simpler and easier fitting of the Gazco Studio Slimline Balanced Flue into existing walls. Unlike many gas fires, the Slimline Zero Clearance range does not need a specially constructed non-combustible wall to house the appliance.

The Zero Clearance Frame kit includes an enclosure that houses the fire and circulates air around the appliance, reducing the heat transferred to the installation wall by directing it back into the room. This means you can choose to fit the Studio Slimline fire into walls with standard plasterboard and stud-work thanks to the Zero Clearance kit’s ability to keep wall temperatures to a minimum. Zero Clearance Slimline fires are available in both Studio 1 and 2 Sizes.

Slimline Zero Clearance Frames offer unique, eye-catching and functional styling options. Cleverly designed to not only enhance the look of the Studio Slimline, each frame also allows cool air to be drawn from the room and around the Zero Clearance enclosure. The air is then heated and convected back into the room, reducing the surrounding wall temperatures.

Zero Clearance Frame ColoursFrame options are available in two, specifically designed frame styles exclusive to the Zero Clearance Slimline range. Choose from ZC Steel in a Graphite finish or ZC Glass in a choice of either White Glass or Black Glass, both providing an exceptional finish that completely covers the fire’s installation edge whilst creating a stylish focal point.

It has the ability to provide up to 3.80kW on the Studio 1 size and an impressive 4.50kW on the larger Studio 2 model whilst offering lower running costs thanks to a high efficiency rating of 82%. This makes it a popular choice for anyone looking for a efficient way to heat the room you spend the majority of your time in without compromising on style.

Choose from ultra-modern white stones or classic, hand painted logs fuel effects plus a range of beautiful interior linings to compliment your choice of fuel effect. Full control without leaving your armchair using the state-of-the-art, thermostatic remote control system.

Full operation of the fire is taken care of by a comprehensive, thermostatic remote control. Options available include a choice of realistic, hand painted logs or contemporary, white stone fuel bed. There is also four interior linings available - vermiculite, brick-effect, reeded black or mirror black glass.

Gazco Zero Clearance Kit Info

The shallow firebox depth of the Studio Slimline Verve allow it to be inset into a standard, flat external cavity wall with extensive building work required such as building out a stud wall which would normally be required with most 'hole-in-the-wall' balanced flue gas fireplaces. The fire is supplied with a rear exit balanced flue pipe and terminal which attaches to the back of the fire and vents the fumes horizontally through the wall.

The glass-fronted Gazco Studio Slimline fires have been specifically developed to allow the highly desirable aesthetics of the landscape Studio fires to be achieved in a wider variety of homes by simply recessing into the internal leaf of a cavity wall. Available in two sizes, both come complete with a dedicated rear exit balanced flue termination kit for easy installation.

To further extend your options for personalisation, there is a choice of four linings and three fuel effects available for the Studio Slimline fires. Each of the lining choices, including contemporary Vermiculite, timeless Black Reeded, classic Brick-effect or depth-enhancing EchoFlame Black Glass can be paired with either realistic logs or contemporary white stone fuel effects.

Gazco Studio Slimline Interior LiningsWith each combination offering a significantly different appearance to the fire, you can be sure to select the perfect combination of fuel effect, lining and frame style to suit your interior decor. Although compact in design, these highly efficient fires have a generous heat output which is easily controlled with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control.

Optional Remote System Mains Adaptor is available which allows connection to main electric so that batteries are not required to power the remote control operation.

Gazco Studio Slimline Fuel Effects

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Fuel Natural Gas or LPG
Fire Size Studio 1 or Studio 2
Flue Type Balanced Flue (No chimney or flue required)
Maximum Heat Output Studio 1: Natural Gas: 3.80kW  /  LPG: 3.80kW
Studio 2: Natural Gas: 4.50kW  /  LPG: 5.0kW
Maximum Heat Input Studio 1: Natural Gas: 5.20kW  /  LPG: 5.10kW
Studio 2: Natural Gas: 6.10kW  /  LPG: 6.60kW
Efficiency Studio 1: 82%
Studio 2: 82%
Efficiency Class Studio 1: C
Studio 2: C
Flue Location Rear
Warranty 5 Years (extended warranty)

Gazco Studio Slimline Gas Fire Dimensions

Studio Slimline Zero Clearance frame sizes

Studio 1:  940mm wide  x  615mm high  x  30mm deep

Studio 2:  1140mm wide  x  615mm high  x  30mm deep

Due to the size and weight of this model, the Gazco Studio Slimline with Zero Clearance Kit gas fire will be delivered to you on a palletised delivery service. All pallet deliveries are kerbside/front door delivery only, so please arrange adequate means to take your order into your home. Under normal circumstances this may take 2 people.

Current delivery times for the Studio Slimline Zero Clearance is approximately 7 days however, this is dependant on stock levels at time of placing an order. Once an order is placed, we will contact you to advise if there is likely to be any delays on the estimated delivery time.

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