Elgin & Hall 16" Gas Fire with Stove Front

Elgin & Hall 16'' Gas Fire with Stove Front
 Elgin & Hall 16'' Gas Fire with Stove FrontElgin & Hall 16'' Gas Fire with Stove Front 

This exciting addition to the Elgin & Hall range allows you to transform one of their popular high efficiency gas fires to achieve the classic 'stove' look. The cast stove trim gives the appearance of an inset stove but with the instant controllability of gas. No chimney balanced flue version also available!

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Elgin & Hall
Showroom Exclusive
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Here’s a new option for a gas fire that opens up exciting possibilities. Instead of the trim and fret of a gas fire, you can now choose the fire with a heavy duty cast iron trim to give every appearance of a gas stove. It gives your fireplace and room a completely different look and feel. It will fit any Elgin & Hall glass fronted, high efficiency gas fire including the new Invictor balanced flue fire for homes with no chimney or flue.

Indigo Mid-Depth High Efficiency Gas Fire
Picture this glass fronted fire framing dancing flames in your living room. Now add a welcome 87% efficiency rating with consequent lower running costs, a maximum heat output of 3.4kW and easy operation thanks to a 'Smartslide' control. That's the result of the glass panel concentrating the radiant heat into the room without sucking in cooler air.This mid-depth edition is the choice for both traditional chimneys and Class 2 prefabricated flues. Designed to be fitted into a standard fireplace opening, the Indigo has a total depth of 128mm (5").

Utopia Full-Depth High Efficiency Gas Fire
With a total depth of 198mm (7¾"), the Elgin & Hall Utopia gas fire is ideally suitable to Class 1 full chimney installations or Class 2 prefabricated flues where extra depth is available. Featuring a discreetly located 'Smartslide' control mounted at the top right hand side of the trim making operation of the on/off and flame height extremely convenient. Fantastic high efficiency of up to 89% with a powerful heat output of 4.5kW.

Invictor High Efficiency Balanced Flue Gas Fire
This glass fronted balanced flue gas fire is pleasingly traditional with a welcome efficiency of 86% and a cosy 3.3kW heat output. With manual controls located behind the fret of the fire, the Invictor offers a clean and classic look for any home interior. The Invictor is a glorious addition to the Elgin & Hall range and is designed for properties without a chimney or flue. Combine within a fireplace for installation on an external wall. A dedicated balanced flue kit supplied with the fire attaches to the back of the appliance and allows the fumes to be vented horizontally through the wall to outside.

Fuel Natural Gas
Heat Output Indigo HE: 3.4kW High /  2.0kW Low
Utopia HE: 4.5kW High /  2.0kW Low
Invictor BF: 3.3kW High /  2.3kW Low
Heat Input Indigo HE: 4.3kW High /  2.5kW Low
Utopia HE: 5.5kW High /  2.5kW Low
Invictor BF: 4.2kW High /  2.7kW Low
Maximum Efficiency

Indigo HE: 87%
Utopia HE: 89%
Invictor BF: 86%

Flue Requirement Indigo & Utopia: Class 1 & Class 2 (5" Pre-fabricated)
Invictor BF: No Chimney or Flue
Colour/Finish Matt Black
Fuel Effect Coal
Control Indigo & Utopia: Smartslide
Invictor BF: Manual
Gas Connection Size 8mm
Guarantee 5 Years


Model Name Depth Inset Height Inset Width
INDIGO 128mm (5") 553mm (21¾") 403mm (16")
UTOPIA 198mm (7¾") 553mm (21¾") 403mm (16")
INVICTOR BF 186mm (7¼") 553mm (21¾") 403mm (16")
As with all Elgin & Hall products, the Cast Stove Trim gas fire is a 'Showroom Exclusive' item and only available for delivery within a serviceable area around our showroom in Manchester.
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