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New Range of Gas Stoves from ACR Heat Products

Nothing beats the charm, character and heating performance that a real wood burning stove offers. They have also become a fashionable fixture in many homes with an extensive range of designs available to suit all tastes. However, with busy lifestyles burning wood may not be for everyone and with this in mind, there has been a huge increase recently with consumers asking for the real stove look but with the ability to instantly turn the fire on/off and without the installation limitations often associated with woodburners.

Many manufacturers of wood burning stoves have therefore started to release a range of their products as gas stoves. With all the handsome good looks of a 'proper stove' but with a dedicated gas burner producing real flames dancing over a imitation log or coal fuel bed. They can be brought to life by simply pressing a button on a remote control with many even thermostatically controlled so they automatically turn themselves down when the room reaches your desired temperature.

ACR Heat Products have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of woodburning stoves for over 30 years. Their vast knowledge and renown reputation in this field has given them the ability to understand what the discerning homeowner wants when creating their first range of gas stoves. You can be confident that this exciting new collection will combine style, quality and usability with the stoves becoming a major feature in your home.

One of a small number of cylindrical, contemporary gas stoves available on the UK market, the ACR NEO 3P Gas Stove sits on a stylish pedestal base and it's tall fire chamber incorporates 3 viewing windows for a wonderful 180º flame view. This type of stove is best suited as a free-standing feature along the main wall or in a corner of a room. As all the new ACR gas stoves are 'Balanced Flue' models, this means that you are not restricted so positioning the stove where there is a flue or a chimney so they are a superb solution for rooms without a chimney including recently built properties, extensions, conservatories etc. They can also provide a stunning central feature in larger, open-plan living areas.

ACR NEO 3PG Gas Stove

Available in Natural Gas or LPG versions, you can exit the flue either horizontally from the stove and through the wall to the outside (snorkel kit option), upwards off the top of the stove and then out through the wall to the outside (up and out kit option) or through an existing chimney and terminate at roof level (renovation kit option). Another benefit of being balanced flue, the NEO 3PG is room sealed which means it takes all of it's air required for combustion from the outside. This is done via the balanced flue kit where the combustion air is drawn through the outer pipe and the flue gasses are expelled through the inner pipe.

Innovative features within the gas fire help to create a truly remarkable flame picture that will make most believe its real logs burning. This can be further enhanced by optional LED underbed lighting which adds extra glow and ambience to the base of the fire. The back of the fire chamber can also be tailored to your requirements by opting for either cream vermiculite which gives the fire a bright, airy feel even when it's not in use or a black mirror glass panel which will reflect the dancing flames beautifully creating the illusion of a deeper fire.

The NEO 3P gas stove features a curved cast iron door and top plate along with a striking pedestal base which oozes cool, contemporary style. It can be turned on/off and the flame height adjusted from the comfort of your favourite chair using the standard remote control. Full of cutting edge technology, the optional Symax remote control upgrade has the added benefit of thermostatic operation and a range of other applications including a child-lock for safety. You can even add the optional MyFire package to your stove allowing you to operate the stove from your smart phone or tablet with the handy app.

ACR NEO 3F Gas Stove Blog

The NEO 3F Gas Stove model features the same tall body and triple aspect viewing windows as the 3P model but with shorter legs. This makes it ideal for installations where height is at a premium or for recessing into a custom fireplace chamber. The realistic ceramic logs have been chosen to ensure they not only give a most impressive flame effect when lit, they also look authentic when the stove isn't being operated. The flame effect is so realistic it is hard to tell that this isn't a real log fire. With three sides of glass, you can see the breath-taking view of the fire from almost anywhere in the room.

An optional Black Glass Top Plate can also be chosen on either of ACR's NEO gas stoves. This is for top exit flue models only and will add an extra modern feature to this fabulous range of designer stoves. Both NEO models boast a superb high output of 6.75kW.

ACR Wychwood Gas Stove Blog

The Wychwood is more of a standard style which manages to work equally well in both traditional and contemporary interiors. Crafted from steel with a large glass window at the front with arch detail across the top and bottom you can enjoy a lovely view of the fire within. Perfect for creating a stud chimney breast to recess the stove into for the classical stove look. Alternatively, the ACR Wychwood Gas Stove can be sat on a hearth against an external wall for a stylish, free-standing focal point.

Powerful heat output of up to 6.1kW ensures the Wychwood is more than capable of keeping you lovely and cosy on those cold winter evenings. It is also a very efficient gas stove so you can use it to heat the room you spend most of your time in rather than heating the whole house with central heating.

We will be displaying the NEO 3P gas stove in our large, Manchester fireplace showroom. Please contact us for more details.