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Gazco eReflex - An exciting range of designer electric fires

Nothing beats relaxing in front of a fire. The flickering flames create a wonderful, cosy atmosphere and enhance any interior setting. However, with many modern homes now extremely well insulated with double glazed windows, efficient central heating systems and built without a chimney, we're receiving more enquiries from homeowners looking for a fire that can be easily installed into almost any room with or without a chimney which can also be enjoyed without any heat. This has resulted in huge improvements in electric fires with both their looks and efficiencies.

One of our favourites is the spectacular eReflex range of electric fires by Gazco. As you would expect from a premium brand, the eReflex range provide a stunning flame effect using low energy LED illumination replicating the charm and character of a real fire. A captivating flame which has the benefit of colour changing to suit your mood. During the colder months, warm tones or red, orange and yellow will create an inviting place to relax whilst during the summertime, you may opt for the uber cool blue flame which can be enjoyed without the heater to add style to the room.

Inset or Outset?

Depending on your preference, the eReflex can be chosen in a choice of inset or outset variants. The inset models are denoted by having 'R' after the model number which shows that these need to be recessed into the wall. This will normally be done by building a stud wall in the room to accommodate the fires depth. This is a popular method as not only will it give a plain, rectangle room in a modern built home more character, it can also provide a handy way to conceal cables and allow you to create a space above the fire for a TV - this is often referred as a 'Media Wall' and means the fireplace doesn't have to compete with the television as the main focal point in the room.

Sizes of the inset models range from the square format eReflex 55R to the amazing Gazco eReflex 195R in landscape format which provides the ultimate flame view extending to a whopping 2 metres! A stunning centerpiece for larger rooms, this ultra-contemporary electric fire projects flame effects among the fuel effects for a truly immersive display.

Gazco eReflex 195R

The outset models in the eReflex range are designed to fit against a flat wall where you then build around the fire to your own specific requirements. This allows you to create a truly unique feature with just the main front glass panel on view, the addition of one of the side panels also viewable when fitted at the corner or for a full 180º flame view both side panels can be visible. The outset models in the eeflex range can be recognised by a 'W' after the model number. The image below shows the gorgeous eReflex 110W Outset Electric Fire fitted as a 2-sided feature within a partition wall. It is in a striking setting with cool illumination on the fuel bed with warmer tones used for the flames.

eReflex 100W Outset Electric Fire

For anyone wanting to add the stunning looks of an eReflex electric fire in their home but doesn't want the extra work in building a stud wall to accommodate the fire, Gazco have their 'Trento' suites which have been specifically designed to be combined with a selection of their outset models. The designer Trento suites allow you to simply hang the fire on to a flat wall with the clean and stylish floating shelves completely housing the fire. Components are available to fit the fire into the centre of a wall or against the side of a wall for a 2 sided statement.

eReflex Trento Suite

Whichever model of eReflex fire you opt for, you can be assured that with Gazco's extensive knowledge and superb reputation, you've chosen a fire which boasts the state-of-the-art technology combined with cutting edge styling. Each model comes with a variety of fuel effects that transform the fire’s look and feel. A selection of realistic logs gives this electric fire a traditional wood fire aesthetic, particularly when positioned on the bed of clear and grey pebble effects. For an alternative look and feel, the Crystal-Ice effect fuel bed dramatically transforms the eReflex into a distinctive ‘objet d’art’, enhancing the vivid Chromalight up-lighting colour options.