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eReflex - The new name for Gazco's Skope range of cutting edge electric fires

Gazco have just announced that they're renaming their premium range of highly advanced, Skope electric fire to 'eReflex'. All models in the range remain exactly the same with state-of-the-art technology producing undulating flame visuals, making the eReflex one of the most captivating electric fires ever created.

The eReflex range caters for everyone who is looking for a state-of-the-art electric fire. Wall hung or inset models in fashionable landscape sizes up to 2 metres wide! Guaranteed to give any room the WOW factor, eReflex fires do not need a chimney or flue so they're compatible with any home whether it has a chimney or not.

Boasting a remarkable, colour changeable flame effect which is deigned to replicate the character and ambience of a real fire which can be enjoyed with or without the heater. Cosy up in front of the warm, red, orange and yellow tones during the colder months and when the summer is here, the eReflex range of fires also feature a cool blue flame option which when paired with one of Gazco's 'Ice' fuel effects, you can be mesmerised by this unique, contemporary flame pattern!

eReflex Inset
Designed for recessing into a stud wall with adequate depth, the eReflex Inset models are the ultimate in fashion and will transform any modern living space. Whilst extra work is required to inset the fires, building a stud wall into the room has many benefits. It can give a standard, rectangle room more character - especially if painted in a feature colour. With the eReflex fires often chosen to fit below a TV, it will also allow you to create a custom recess for the TV and media boxes to fit into as well as being a handy way to hide cables within the stud wall.

When inset into the wall, you can either opt for a frameless model so that the dancing flames become the major feature or choose from one of Gazco's designer fascia frames which add colour as well as increasing the overall impact. Available in size sizes, the Gazco eReflex electric fires are suitable for any home whether you live in modern apartment, townhouse or country cottage.

Pictured below is the spectacular Gazco eReflex 195R Inset which is the largest model in the inset range providing the ultimate flame visuals!

eReflex Skope 195R

eReflex Outset
eReflex Outset fires allow you to create a bespoke two sided or three sided installation, for a unique focal point that provides a panoramic view of the stunning visuals. Rather than recessing into the wall, the fires are designed to be fitted either against the wall or as a central feature in larger rooms and built around allowing for endless installation styles to your exact requirements. You can create alcoves in the wall to complement the fire and use custom materials such as wood, tiles or simply a smooth plaster finish and let the amazing flames take center stage!

The image below shows the eReflex 55W Outset fitted on the right hand side of a custom base. Displaying its cool blue flame option with ice effect fuel, it is a striking focal point that will look sensational in the warmer months. At the press of a button, the flames can be changed to one of 13 other atmospheric colours.

eReflex 55W Outset

eRelex with Trento Suite
For those who prefer a complete solution when fitting the eReflex fire, Gazco produce a dedicated suite to accommodate the outset eReflex models. Installation is very easy as the Trento Suites can be simple hung on a flat wall with no recess needed. The suites are available in configurations that allow you to display two or three sided of the glass on the eReflex. Opt for the three sided version and you can enjoy a lovely view of the flames no matter where you sit in the room. The two sided models are designed for fitted up into the corner of a room or when using the optional Decorative Column and End Cap.

Below shows the Gazco eReflex 110W with Crystal fuel effect in Trento Surround in Right Corner configuration.

eReflex 110W in Trento Suite