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Element 4 Gas Fires Come to Manchester!


Let yourself be seduced by Element4...

Are you looking for a gas fireplace to compliment your interior? Or even better: a gas fireplace that is an eye-catcher in your home or office building? Then choose a gas fireplace from Element4, a design fireplace made in the Netherlands, created by design enthusiasts and people with a passion for technology, just like you...

Element 4 Gas Fireplacces in Manchester

Are you someone who always wants the best? Who gets enthusiastic about products that distinguish themselves from the majority? Then a gas fireplace from Element4 is the right choice for you. The Element 4 design team consists of discerning people with passion for design, knowledge of the latest trends and love for special products. You can see that in the end result: a very stylish fireplace that demonstrates the difference between “a beautiful fireplace” and also “contemporary design piece.”

Looking for a contemporary and stylish gas fireplace that highlights your interior? Discover this stunning, versatile gas fireplace collection. From front view and see-through fireplaces to room dividers and 3-sided fireplaces, with a gas fireplace from Element4 you are guaranteed to get optimal user-friendliness and fabulous design. Their gas fireplaces are easy to maintain and have a minimal installation depth starting at just 25 centimeters. This saves you valuable space. In addition, you benefit from the most beautiful fire at a low setting.

Element4 is a top Dutch brand. They work practically and pragmatically, but with a strong focus on design. This ensures that their fireplaces are loved around the world by designers, architects and trend-conscious consumers. As real ‘Dutchies’, technology is an important issue for Element 4. Their fireplaces have the most advanced technical features: they are efficient, can be controlled remotely and have an adjustable flame picture. This makes them a real trend-setter on the international market.

The front-view fireplace is a true classic among gas fireplaces. This type of fireplace has one glass plate and offers a beautiful view of the fire. You can easily install a front-view fireplace in a mantel or matching casing. Did you know that with an Element4 fireplace you only need 25 centimeters of installation depth? This way you make optimum use of the (limited) space. Be inspired by this amazing collection and discover which type of fireplace is right for you.

Would you prefer a see-through fireplace? Then you are choosing a beautiful eye-catcher. You place this type of gas fireplace in a wall, so that the fire is visible on both sides. This creates a special spatial effect. Moreover, a see through fireplace creates an open connection between two rooms, allowing you to enjoy an atmospheric fire in two places at the same time. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a gas fireplace with an optimal spatial experience.

Element 4 Sky T Gas Fireplace

With a corner fireplace you create maximum ambiance in your room. This type of gas fireplace offers a wide view of the sparkling flames and provides even more atmospheric
experience thanks to the extra pane. Element4 offers a choice of various sizes, installation possibilities and capabilities. This way you will always find a corner fireplace that matches your installation situation and interior.

The 3-sided gas fireplace gives you a view of the fire from multiple angles. Thanks to the use of multiple glass plates, you can use this fireplace in many creative ways within
your interior. Element4 offers a suitable model for every taste and style, available in various sizes. Be inspired by the collection and find the 3-sided gas fireplace that best suits you.

Choose a gas fireplace as a room divider and create a stylish separation between two different rooms. Thanks to the tall glass pane, you can view the realistic fire from several positions. In addition, you can enjoy the warmth in both rooms. The room divider can be installed floating or in a wall. Discover our collection of room dividers and be inspired by the ambiance they create.

Element4 is a versatile and ambitious brand. They like to stay one step ahead and expand their range regularly with stylish newcomers. If you want, you can now equip all your favorite locations with an Element4 fireplace, whether it’s your home, business premises or garden. Curious? Then visit our fabulous showroom in Manchester to see a selection of this range on live display. We can offer a professional installation service within a wide area including Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Element4 Gas Fireplace

Element 4 see it as a challenge to get the most out of their fireplaces. Their aim? Creating a lovely ambiance with a flame picture, regardless of the power on which the gas fireplace is running. Now you can enjoy a beautiful fire, even with the lowest possible gas consumption. It is no coincidence that they dare to say that a gas fireplace from Element4 “has the most beautiful fire at a low setting”.

Do you have limited amount of space available or do you want a gas fireplace that is as flat as possible to meet your design needs? Then an Element4 fireplace is the right choice for you. A selection of their gas fireplaces are already feasible with an installation depth of only 25cm. This is ideal if you have a narrow room or if you also want to install a mantel. Moreover, many designers and architects opt for our shallow fireplaces because of the spatial effect they have on the interior.

ProControl - Want to easily control your gas fireplace from your smart phone or your tablet? This is possible with ProControl from Element4. ProControl is the perfect choice if you want to control your fireplace remotely, without the use of a home automation system. All you need is the supplied Element4 Wi-Fi box. The rest is already present in your fireplace and in the user-friendly ProControl app that you install on your smartphone or tablet. It could not be easier!

Domotica - Do you want to control your Element4 gas fireplace with your existing home automation system? It’s possible! Using home automation you can switch the gas fireplace on and off, turn it up or down and control the double burner. The installation is simple: you connect an Element4 home automation cable to the receiver of your gas fireplace and connect it to your home automation system. The rest speaks for itself.

The gas fireplaces from Element4 work with a closed system. This means that the fireplace is not open to the room, but is completely enclosed. The fresh air and the flue gases run through the same, double-walled pipe that is connected to the outside air. What is the big advantage of a closed system? The flames are always behind the glass. This is safer and ensures heat retention in the balanced flued system, with a higher convection heat and pleasantly warm room as a result. In addition, the supplied cold outside air is already preheated by the double-walled pipe. This ensures a greater return on your gas fireplace.

Want to enjoy an even more beautiful flame picture , so that it seems like you are looking straight into the fire? Have your fireplace specified with anti-reflective glass. This glass prevents annoying glare from incident light rays and is virtually invisible. Even when the fireplace is turned off, you cannot see the glass. This allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds: the convenience and comfort of a closed fireplace, with the atmosphere and flames of a real fireplace.

Your Element4 gas fireplace comes standard with gas logs. These realistic gas logs consist of smaller and larger branches made of ceramic, which are specially made for use in the gas fireplace. You can also choose other materials such as: white Carrara pebbles, white stones or grey stones. The choices vary depending on the type of fireplace, do check carefully which type of fuel bed is available with your fireplace.

Double Sided Gas Fire


Do you have a gas fireplace without a frame? Then you need a service hatch for mounting the gas control block. The service hatch has an installation size of 250 mm x 175 mm (H x W) and is designed to be sleek and stylish. This way you are assured of an optimal match with the chimney breast.

With a stylish switch on the wall, you can easily switch your gas fireplace on or off. You can also control the temperature with a touch of a button. It’s a simple solution that is very easy to use.

The Element 4 remote control features the E-Save control system. This allows you to switch the fireplace on and off remotely and to select different burner and temperature settings. Thus you save at least 40% on gas.

It is important that the chimney breast of your gas fireplace is well ventilated. You do this by placing ventilation grill on the sides of the chimney breast . This prevents high temperatures in the chimney breast and any cracks in the stucco. In addition, you benefit from optimal heat dissipation. The ventilation grill has an installation dimension of 231 mm x 43 mm (H x W) and has a high level of finish.

For further details on the Element 4 range of designer fires, please visit our fireplace showroom in Manchester where you can view a range of the collection on live display.