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Cast Tec Integra - Classical fireplaces combined with cutting edge design

The timeless appeal of recreating classic fireplace design is as popular as ever. Many homeowners living in modern built properties prefer the charm and character of designs dating back to the Edwardian and Victorian era and many of the reproduction fireplaces available today take inspiration from these beautiful creations. The issue is though that whilst a lot of peoples tastes are for traditional, they do not want to compromise on the performance of the fire and want to be able to rely on a fire that not only looks great but is capable of providing decent heat combined with high efficiency.

Cast Tec Integra AssemblyThis is why Cast Tec have introduced their Integra range of fireplace inserts and combination fireplaces. No longer are you limited to a basic fire tray when opting for a cast iron insert which will lose most of the heat it produces straight up the chimney. The clever design of the Integra range allow you to add from a large selection of dedicated gas fires which not only provide a lovely effect from the dancing flames but they have been especially designed to give off impressive heat whilst boasting a high efficiency rating.

Whether you want the most realistic option with a 'High Output' open-fronted gas fire, are limited on depth as your property has a Class 2 shallow flue or even if you don't have a chimney or flue at all, there is an Integra gas fire option available to suit. You may prefer a fire that allows you to enjoy a cosy, ambient effect without the need to give off heat in which case there are also two electric fires that are compatible for the Integra insert. Or, if you want the ultimate in heat combined with a much cleaner alternative to a real open-fire, there is a 'Stove Box' option offered which is a glass-fronted appliance that lets you burn wood or smokeless fuels even if you live in a area classed as a smokeless zone.

The inserts in the Integra range are available as a classic arch or tiled versions. All can be combined with any standard fireplace surround and if you choose the 'no chimney' balanced flue gas fire or the Ecoflame electric fire, they can be fitted against a flat wall when the mantel has a 3" rebate.

Integra Arched Inserts

Integra Arched Inserts

The arched Integra inserts all utilize the same basic design but with various areas of the insert polished to reveal a lovely, pewter finish to the cast iron. The Royal in all black is the ideal choice if opting for the solid fuel box as the increase heat around the insert will disguise any tarnishing that may occur. The Regal Integra has the main and inner arch polished along with the raised area around the fire cut-out and fret bars which provide a striking contrast to the matt black outer sections. The fully polished Marquis Integra will make a dazzling statement and manages to work well in contemporary surrounds also.

Integra Tiled Inserts

Integra Tiled Inserts

Synonymous with the Victorian era, the tiled cast iron inserts in the Integra range allow you to add extra colour from an extensive range of decorative fireplace tiles. Alternatively, there are cast panels available that feature decorative mouldings adding to the classic appeal. Again, these are all standard sized fireplace interiors designed to fit within any standard sized mantel whether it be wood, stone, marble or cast iron. The unique construction of these innovative products give you the ability to enjoy a high performing gas fire which does not compromise on performance.

Integra Combination Fireplaces

Integra Combination Fireplaces

A 'all-in-one' fireplace solution that combines classical styling with a choice of superb performing fire options. Perfect for smaller wall spaces, these neat fireplaces has the back panel and surround as a one-piece section that are designed to sit on to a suitable hearth. The attractive canopy above the fire chamber disguise the fact that they accommodate a rectangle Integra fire which will give off much more heat compared to a standard fireplace of this type.

The combination Integra is offered as the Regal (pictured above) with plain, polished arch or the Ashbourne with decorative detailing around the arch area and canopy. The Ashbourne Electric can be highlight polished, showing off the intricate detail of the casting, or simply matt black for a more understated look.

Cast Tec also offer a wonderful range of mantels and hearths to complement their inserts which will allow you to create a truly stunning centerpiece for you home which will give you many years of enjoyment and heat.

The video below shows the Cast Tec Ashbourne Integra combination fireplace fitted with the ElectraFlame electric fire. This can be fitted in almost any room in your home including main living areas, dining rooms, conservatories, extensions etc:

Integra Electric AssemblyIntegra Electric

The Electric Integra is a range of cast aluminium arched inserts and combinations which integrate majestically with a realistic electric fire called an Electraflame.The unique selling point for the Electric Integra is the fact that the whole appliance can be housed inside a standard 75mm (3”) rebated mantelpiece.

This means that the complete fireplace can be installed against any suitable flat wall. All mantelpieces and hearths within the Integra Collection are suitable to be used with electric installations; therefore it is possible to design your own individual fireplace.

The Electraflame Engine has a realistic flame effect and produces up to 2kW in fan-assisted heat if required, however, in the summer months you may opt for the attractive flame effect only.

Manual controls are cleverly positioned just behind the cast aluminum canopy so that they are not too prominent but can be easily accessed without too much bending over. A remote control option is also available.

Integra Electraflame


Integra Solid Fuel

Integra SFiThe Cast Tec Solid Fuel Integra (SFI) is a range of ten cast-iron inserts that integrate with one of the most efficient 5kW output stoves on the market today. SFI benefits from Triple Burn Technology, with Primary Air Burn (lever in ash pan cover), Airwash Secondary Burn (lever top of door) and Tertiary Air (inlets inside the rear of the stove).

A multi-fuel grate allows SFI to burn seasoned wood and smokeless fuels. Whilst all SFI insert designs, mantels and hearths are interchangeable, allowing you to design your own fireplace, it is advisable to use only natural materials for the mantelpiece and hearth. In addition, hearths should be cut into sections to allow for expansion.

Solid Fuel Integra can be used in smoke controlled areas (DEFRA exempt) and attains European Efficiency and Emission Requirements for 2022 making it ‘Eco Design’ ready.