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Biggest electric fire for sale in UK

Electric fires have proved extremely popular over the last few years. From standard 16" inset electric fires designed to be recessed into a fireplace back panel opening, they have come a long way and now the fashion is 'BIG and WIDE'! Probably the biggest trend to hit the fireplace industry recently is the 'Media Wall' idea where you combine the fireplace into a custom built stud wall which also accommodates a recess for the TV above the fireplace, storage for media devices alcoves, additional LED lighting etc.

The introduction of an electric fireplace in almost any room in your home is a great way to add character and ambience. In modern homes where there's no chimney breast, building a stud wall can add an extra dimension to an uninspiring, rectangle room. You're not restricted to main living rooms either, we have customers looking to add an electric fire in dining rooms, kitchens, extensions, conservatories and bedrooms! You can get adventurous with the design - painting the false chimney breast in a different colour to the rest of the room or opt for specialist finishes such as Venetian Plaster for instance.

The electric fire within these custom built enclosures will always take centre stage. Low energy, LED flames in landscape format will provide a spectacular effect and bring the room to life! It used to be the norm to select the fire size in comparison to the TV but more recently, we're finding discerning homeowners looking for larger fireplaces to make a bold statement. The advantage of electric fires over other fuels is that you can switch the flames on without the need to use the heater so this results in you being able to enjoy the fire all year round.

Many modern designs now include a choice of flame colour as standard so whilst warm tones of red, orange and yellow will create a lovely, cosy atmosphere during the winter months, during the warmer months, you have the option of choosing a blue or purple flame to add a contemporary twist to the fireplace.

The larger 'hole-in-the-wall' width of electric fireplaces used to be 1500mm (59"). This works well when a larger TV is positioned above as the fire would be wider than the average size 55" flat screen TV which always looks best in our opinion. Now, people want to enjoy the full cinema room experience and often choose larger TV screens so therefore, they want fire / fireplace ratio size to increase too.

Below we have complied a small selection of the largest electric fires that are designed for media wall style installations.

1. Dimplex Ignite 100 - 2575mm overall width

Dimplex Ignite XLF100 Fire

The Dimplex Ignite XL has been a popular electric fire in the UK for several years. Originally offered in XL50 and XL74 variants only, it is now also offered in XL60 and the mighty XL100 sizes. The largest electric fire we sell measuring in at a colossal 2575mm with an edge-to-edge flame width of 100" (2540mm) so it will definitely appeal to those looking to add a showstopping centrepiece within their homes!

In addition to the Crystal effect fuel bed supplied with the Dimplex Ignite 100, you now also have the option of purchasing a Driftwood River Rock fuel effect which looks superb with the colour changeable flames rising above. Operated by a multi-functional Remote Control giving armchair operation plus manual override controls are also located on the appliance.

This designer electric fire is from renown electric fire manufacturer Dimplex and features innovative technology. Dimplex's 'Comfort Saver' automatically adjusts the fire's temperature to precisely match the requirements of the room based on the thermostat setting.

Being the shallowest depth of all the larger electric fires, the design opportunities when installing the Ignite are endless. A total depth of only 147mm (5¾") mean you won't need to build a stud wall out too far into the room to accommodate the appliance.

2. Charlton & Jenrick i2200e Deep - 2232mm overall width

Dimplex Ignite XLF100 Fire

The i2200e Deep from Charlton & Jenrick features a wonderful flame effect and even relaxing, real-fire crackling sounds when you want! With an panoramic array of flames 2200mm (86½") wide, this gorgeous feature fireplace will enhance any modern interior setting.

A highly realistic flame effect created using cutting-edge LED technology rises from a glowing fuel bed. You have the ability to scroll between 9 pre-set colours and 'MY FLAME' setting for a custom colour as well as the option to control the brightness of the flames. To accentuate the realism, you can also choose between the two optional relaxing fire crackling sound effects and control their volume, or run the fire without any sound effects.

The Charlton & Jenrick i2200e electric fire is operated by a Remote Control or for added features, you can download the free 'SmartFire' app and adjust flame and heat settings from your iOS/Android phone or tablet.

This modern feature fireplace gives you the option of installing as a 1, 2 or 3 sided feature by simply removing the relevant side blanking plates. Create a 'hole-in-the-wall' feature either recessed fully into a stud wall so only the main front aspect is on show. A contemporary 'corner' fireplace at one end of a stud wall when removing the left/right hand blanking plate. For a stunning, 180° view of the fire, with both side blanking plates, you can enjoy a 3-sided centrepiece!

3. Gazco eReflex 195RW - 1967mm overall width

Gazco eReflex 195RW Fire

Part of Gazco's 'New Generation' of eReflex electric fireplaces, the 195W is the largest model in the range and packed with the very latest technology. The RW models also give you the option of choosing at home to fit the appliance as a 1, 2 or 3 sided feature.

Capable of delivering the perfect media wall experience, the Gazco eReflex 195RW is equipped with state-of-the-art Chromalight® technology for the ultimate in realism. Supplied with a choice of highly-realistic oak log effect or crystal ice effect, this spectacular electric fire elevates the level of ambience to all new levels. Using the innovative app or Thermostatic Eco Remote Control, you’ll not only be able to turn on or off the heat independently of the display, but have full control over the array of immersive lighting options available, all from the comfort of your sofa.

To further enhance your space, an optional LED mood lighting kit is available which can be placed around your TV or shelves, to bathe them in your choice of 13 vibrant colours, or the steadily changing spectrum mode.

4. British Fires New Forest 2400 - 2400mm overall width

Gazco eReflex 195RW Fire

Exclusive to our showroom and boasting a flame effect that is always regarded as one of the best out there from visitors, the British Fires New Forest 2400 is an incredible design that can be installed in a variety of ways.

When fully recessed with just the front aspect on view, it adds perceived width to any room. Removing one of the side blanking plates to expose one side to install the fire on a corner of a stud wall creates a more dramatic room composition. A three-sided install offers both the left and right hand sides open within a constructed chimney breast for a wonderful 180° flame view!

The British Fires New Forest 2400 is supplied with both Slate and New Forest Logs fuel effects. For the ultimate in realism, optional 'Deluxe Real Logs' create the ultimate experience.