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Gazco eReflex Electric Fires SALE ON - Plus FREE Mood Lighting Kits!

The eReflex range from Gazco – the epitome of modern electric fires designed to elevate your home ambiance to new heights. Available in a variety of sizes, from the compact eReflex 55RW and 75RW to the expansive eReflex 195RW, there's a perfect fit for every space and style preference.

Transform your living space into a cosy retreat with our exclusive sale on the Gazco eReflex range of electric fireplaces. Enjoy substantial savings compared to the recommended retail price and add a touch of luxury to your home without breaking the bank.

Now is the perfect time to invest in an eReflex fire, as we're running an superb promotion with prices slashed across the entire range, delivering substantial savings on the recommended retail price. But that's not all – for a limited time, we're including a complimentary Mood Lighting Kit, valued at £109, allowing you to enhance the ambience further with subtle yet impactful lighting accents behind your TV, in alcoves, or under hearth shelves.

Sale On Gazco eReflex Electric Fires UK

For those seeking a seamless integration into their media wall, the landscape models such as the eReflex 85RW, 110RW, 135RW, and 150RW offer sleek options. The Gazco eReflex 150RW, in particular, strikes the perfect balance, accommodating a 65" TV above it effortlessly, making it an ideal centerpiece for your entertainment area.

What sets Gazco eReflex fires apart is their versatility. They can be seamlessly fitted as a 1-sided fireplace, with the option to convert into a 2-sided corner feature or a stunning 3-sided masterpiece, offering a captivating 180-degree view of the mesmerizing LED flames.

Experience the captivating charm of eReflex fires, featuring Gazco's innovative Chromalight triple lighting system that brings your fireplace to life with an array of captivating visuals. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing display of vivid flame effects, seamlessly integrated into the fuel bed to create a stunning three-dimensional experience. With options to choose from natural amber, striking blue, or a blend of both, the possibilities are endless.

Enhancing each flame color is matching down-lighting, casting a warm amber glow or a cool white hue onto the fuel bed, ensuring a truly immersive ambiance. Meanwhile, Gazco's powerful Chromalight up-lighting illuminates the fuel effects from below, providing a relaxing, mood-enhancing atmosphere in your living space.

eReflex Electric Fire in Media Wall

Whether you prefer the authentic glow of amber or wish to explore other atmospheric color choices, the eReflex fires offer versatility and style. Plus, with fuel bed lighting capable of transitioning through a spectrum of vivid colors, you'll enjoy a dynamic and visually captivating experience that's sure to impress.

Each eReflex fire is equipped with a diverse range of fuel effects, allowing you to customise the look and atmosphere of your fireplace. The incredibly lifelike log selection evokes the charm of a traditional wood fire, creating a cozy ambiance reminiscent of a rustic hearth. When combined with the bed of clear and grey pebbles, the effect is strikingly authentic, resembling a genuine wood-burning fire.

For those seeking a more modern aesthetic, the Crystal-Ice effect fuel bed offers a sleek and contemporary vibe. Pair it with the blue flame setting and explore the myriad of vibrant Chromalight up-lighting color options to create a truly unique ambiance. With the convenience of an easily removable glass front, you can effortlessly mix and match different fuel effects to curate your own personalized display, ensuring that your eReflex fire perfectly complements your style and preferences.

With Gazco's state-of-the-art thermostatic handset, you have complete command over a multitude of features, tailoring your fireplace experience to perfection. Whether you're adjusting the flames, fine-tuning the fuel bed lighting, or regulating ambient heating, each element can be controlled independently to craft your desired ambiance, with the option for heat or without.

Embracing innovative energy-saving capabilities, the eReflex simplifies your experience with its 'set and forget' functionality. Say goodbye to manual adjustments – effortlessly program the fireplace to automatically activate heating as needed or to switch off when not in use. Moreover, intelligent heat output management minimizes energy consumption, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating visual effects without worrying about excessive energy usage. Experience comfort, convenience, and efficiency like never before with the eReflex electric fireplace.

eReflex In Marble Wall as a 2-sided fireplace

Beyond the allure of modern design and discounted prices, incorporating an eReflex fire into your home brings numerous benefits. Not only does it serve as a striking focal point, but it also offers practicality, allowing for the concealment of cables and providing a convenient platform for mounting your television. Whether you're revamping your living room, bedroom, or any other space, the Gazco eReflex range promises to transform your home into a haven of warmth and style.