Collection by Michael Miller Eden Elite Gas Fire

Collection by Michael Miller Eden Elite Gas Fire
Collection by Michael Miller Eden Elite Gas FireCollection by Michael Miller Eden Elite Gas FireCollection by Michael Miller Eden Elite Gas FireCollection by Michael Miller Eden Elite Gas Fire

Despite it featuring a slimmer depth than the original Eden HE, the Collection by Michael Miller Eden Elite boasts a taller viewing window resulting in even more visual impact of the fantastic flame picture. Choose from black or cream interior and install as a hole-in-the-wall or combine within a fireplace.

Collection by Michael Miller
Showroom Exclusive
RRP: £2,640.00

Verine High Efficiency Gas FireA stunning, glass-fronted gas fire that has performance to match its striking good looks! The Collection by Michael Miller Eden Elite follows on from the original Eden HE gas fire and boasts simpler installation thanks to a shallower appliance depth. It also includes a battery powered remote control system resulting in the fire not requiring connection to mains electric.

The fully automatic remote control with thermostatic operation allows you armchair control of the flame height and heat output settings. New and improved log effect and burning ember fuel bed provide the ultimate in realism providing a stunning effect that is almost indistinguishable from a real fire. The Eden Elite can be supplied with a black interior that lets the flames take centre stage or a cream vermiculite interior providing a clean, bright feel even when the fire is not in use.

Capable of producing up to 4.9kW of heat with additional ventilation in the room (air vent) not normally required. Another update the the Eden Elite is a taller viewing window that allows the mesmerising flames to make even more of an impact. The fire is equally suited to wall mounting into a Class 1 flue (real chimney) or Class 2 (5") prefabricated flue subject to adequate depth. It also looks superb fitted at hearth level within a suitable fireplace surround with larger opening.

The optional 'Plastering Frame' is needed if you plan to fit the Eden Elite in the wall either frameless or with choice of stylish trims. It is not needed if you fit the fire into a custom fireplace with stone slips surrounding the fire opening.

Now with a even better view of the flames thanks to anti-reflective glass. Anti-Reflective Glass is a specialised glass product that has been treated to reduce the amount of surface reflection seen from the face of the glass. This makes the glass front almost invisible giving you a stunning view of the flames.

Prior to August 2019, the Eden Elite gas fire was sold under the Kinder and Verine brand.

Kinder 15 Year Guarantee

Fuel Natural Gas
Flue Compatibility Brick Chimney / Pre-Fabricated
Fuel Effect Logs
Direct Heat Output 4.9kW
Energy Efficiency 78.6%
Control Thermostatic Remote
Safety Flame Supervision Device & Oxygen Depletion Sensor
Air Vent Required? Not Normally Needed
Warranty 25 Years

Kinder Eden Elite Gas Fire Sizes

Please note: Due to rising freight charges, we are now being forced to charge extra for delivery to Highland postcodes.

Due to the size and weight of this appliance, it is likely that the Collection by Michael Miller Eden Elite gas fire will be delivered to you on a palletised delivery service. All pallet deliveries are kerbside/front door delivery only, so please arrange adequate means to take your order into your home. Under normal circumstances this may take 2 people.

Current delivery times for the Eden Elite model is approximately 7 days.

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