Stovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette Fire

Stovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette Fire
Stovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette FireStovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette FireStovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette FireStovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette FireStovax Elise Profil Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Cassette Fire

Whether your preference is to create a modern 'hole-in-the-wall' feature or you're looking for a inset wood burner to combine within a fireplace at hearth level, the metallic black Profil frame option on the Stovax Elise is offered in a choice of 3 or 4 sided version and frames the fire beautifully.

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Stovax Elise Profil frameWith its subtle styling and sophisticated Metallic Black finish, the Profil frame complements the Elise’s clean, elegant lines and fits effortlessly with almost any interior. This adaptable frame is available in both 3 sided and 4 sided options, allowing for either hearth mounted or elevated installations. Suitable for either the steel or glass door option.

Stovax have always strived to create standout stoves and fires that not only provide superior flame visuals, but also minimise our environmental impact. Their advanced Cleanburn technology is the result of 35 years of experience and development, with many of their products approved for use in urban environments which are typically DEFRA smoke restricted areas. All models of the Elise are approved for use in smoke control areas.

However, producing DEFRA exempt appliances is only the beginning. New Ecodesign regulations are coming into force in 2022 to ensure appliances are friendly to both the environment and our health, paving the way to a truly sustainable future. With this in mind, Stovax have developed the Elise as a high efficiency, greener range which proudly bears the SIA Ecodesign Ready label. But the Elise range doesn’t simply meet Ecodesign limits, it goes much further.

The Elise models burn so cleanly that emissions are minimised to as little as a fifth of the forthcoming 2022 levels. The Elise’s advanced combustion system isolates air management in the specially designed base of the fire, so that airflow is calibrated precisely to ensure a far more complete burning process than standard fires can ever achieve. The result is significantly less flue gases that impact air quality, including Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), and Particulate Matter (PM).

Stovax believe this is the future of solid fuel heating, which is why they have decided to design and develop one of the cleanest burning stove and fire ranges – the Elise.

Glass or Steel Doors
Stovax Elise Steel Glass OptionThe award winning Elise wood burning and multi-fuel range has recently introduced a sparkling alternative to the existing Steel models; the new Elise Glass range complements their magnificent flame visuals with a sophisticated one-piece glass exterior.

Now all Elise fires and stoves can be selected as either Glass or Steel versions depending on your tastes. For a striking aesthetic, the Elise Glass models offer a sleek black glass door which dramatically contrasts with the fire’s stunning flame visuals.

Presented in a choice of two sizes, the versatility of the Elise is only matched by its progressive design, offsetting its minimalist lines and surfaces with a tapered firebox featuring a scalloped lining.

The two sizes are 540 & 680 providing a range of heat outputs, so whether your setting is a standard sized living room or an open-plan area, you can be sure of generous warmth and a striking focal point.

Delivering a truly unmatched performance in greener heating, homeowners can be confident that the Elise is prepared for the increasing push towards greener energy and ever tightening emission standards.

The range also benefits from both Warm Air Ducting and Fan Kit optional extras, maximising the fire’s potential by both increasing the heating capability and channelling heat to other rooms.

The Future of fire...
Designing a fire that essentially redefines what it means to burn cleanly requires a wholly fresh approach, which is why the Stovax Elise is very different. Featuring unique airflow dynamics that facilitate highly efficient, state of the art combustion systems, the Elise range of cassette and freestanding fires produces magnificent rolling flames and ample warmth.

Lowering emissions to an absolute minimum, their progressive design makes them not only some of today’s cleanest burning, carbon neutral fires, but also compliant with the future Ecodesign low emission standards for 2022. The sum of Stovax's 35 years of British design and engineering, the Elise is a contemporary fire range at the pinnacle of clean burning performance.

Stovax Elise DiagramElise Key Design Features

  1. Unique plenum chambers manage exactly calibrated airflows
  2. Air jets deliver precision airflow for the cleanest possible combustion
  3. Dynamic airwash ensures a clear view of flames
  4. Scalloped, high density thermal brick liner system
  5. Airtight door with twin latch dampened mechanism
  6. Easy to use air controls for instant adjustment of flame visual and heat
  7. Convected and radiant heat
  8. External Riddling Grate (multi-fuel models)
  9. Removable Ashpan (multi-fuel models)
  10. Easy fit flue connection through cassette
  11. Warm air ducting kit (optional)
  12. Fan assisted convection kit (optional)
  13. Fully sealed external air supply (optional)

Sealed external air supply
Designed from conception to be fully airtight, Elise fires can be optionally installed with a sealed external air supply, meaning the Elise does not need to draw any oxygen from the room. This potentially negates the need for an additional air vent, therefore minimising drafts.

Fan assisted convection kit*
Installing an optional fan kit into your Elise fire helps circulate convection air, increasing burning efficiency and improving heat delivery into the room. With both manual and automatic settings, the fan kit is conveniently operated by the Elise Control Panel.

**Fan Assisted Convection Kits NOT Suitable for hearth mounted installations and Freestanding stoves.

Warm air ducting kit
With the addition of the warm air ducting kit, Elise fires are capable of heating up to two additional living spaces, allowing you to truly make the most of your fire and reduce your reliance on your central heating system.

The Elise Range Wins Gold!
Elise wins House Beautiful award!The Stovax Elise range won the Gold Award in the ‘Best Heating Appliance 2016’ category in the House Beautiful awards. House Beautiful, the longest running interior design and home furnishings magazine, held an awards ceremony on the 23rd of September, where the Stovax Elise range of high efficiency wood burning fires won the prestigious Gold Award in the ‘Best Heating Appliance 2016’ category.

Heralding a new era of ultra-green technology, the Elise wood burning and multi-fuel fire is a forerunner of Eco-Design fires, redefining cleaner burning with its all-new design. These forward-thinking fires incorporate a complex series of chambers, allowing air to be delivered with precision accuracy to multiple areas of the firebox. This groundbreaking airflow system facilitates the Elise’s ultra-green combustion process – reducing emissions to remarkably low amounts.

Stovax Elise Specs

Stovax Elise Energy Label
Elise 540 Wood
Energy Label
Stovax Elise Energy Label
Elise 540 Multifuel
Energy Label
Stovax Elise Energy Label
Elise 680 Wood
Energy Label
Stovax Elise Energy Label
Elise 680 Multifuel
Energy Label

Download Instructions
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Stovax Elise Brochure
Stovax Elise Brochure
Heat Output Nominal: 5kW
Range: 3kW - 7kW
Nominal: 7kW-8kW
Range: 4kW - 11kW
Maximum Efficiency 83% 79%
Wood & Multi-Fuel
Smoke Control
Maximum Log
330mm 500mm
Recommended Log
250mm 330mm
Firebox Dimensions
(w x h x d)
540 x 550 x 350mm 680 x 550 x 395mm
Flue Connection
(internal diameter)
153mm (6") 153mm (6")
Room vent not
normally required
Warranty 5 Years (extended warranty) 5 Years (extended warranty)


Stovax Elise Cassette Fire Dimensions
Elise 540 Profil 3-Sided Frame Dimensions:  631mm wide x 599mm high x 38mm deep

Elise 540 Profil 4-Sided Frame Dimensions:
  631mm wide x 648mm high x 38mm deep
Elise 680 Profil 3-Sided Frame Dimensions:  771mm wide x 599mm high x 38mm deep
Elise 680 Profil 4-Sided Frame Dimensions:  771mm wide x 648mm high x 38mm deep

Please note: Due to rising freight charges, we are now being forced to charge extra for delivery to Highland postcodes.

Due to the size and weight of this model, the Stovax Elise Profil Wood Burning Cassette Inset Cassette Fire will be delivered to you on a palletised delivery service. All pallet deliveries are kerbside/front door delivery only, so please arrange adequate means to take your order into your home. Under normal circumstances this may take 2 people.

As a special order item, delivery times for the Elise Profil is approximately 7-10 Days. Once an order is placed, we will contact you to advise if there is likely to be any changes on the estimated delivery time.

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