Gazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Gazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas Fire
Gazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Create the ultimate centerpiece in almost any room with the fabulous Reflex 105 Balanced Flue with Icon XS fascia. The sleek, Black Glass Icon XS fascia provides a dramatic frame around this extra large, landscape feature fire. Offered with a choice of Balanced Flue kits to suit most installations.

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Gazco 5 Year Extended WarrantyComposed of four pieces of geometrically positioned black glass, the Icon XS designer frame adds enhanced definition to the 105’s stunning flame picture. It provides a wonderful contrast to the amazing flames provided by this panoramic gas fire.

This is the Balanced Flue version of the Gazco Reflex 105 Icon XS designed for homes without a chimney or flue. The appliance is completely sealed from the room into which it is installed (so there are no draughts and heating efficiency is increased) and a twin-wall pipe vents directly to an outside wall. Air for combustion is drawn in through the outer pipe whilst the inner pipe removes the combustion gases to the exterior of the property. Depending on the Balanced Flue Kit selected, the twin-walled pipe may exit horizontally through an external wall or vertically through the roof.

Gazco Harmont Remote ControlThe Gazco Reflex 105 comes with a Programmable Thermostatic Control, the Gazco Harmony10. With this, you can set daily and weekly schedules to get the most out of this fire’s incredible 7.9kW heat output, as well as control the flames and the EmberLight LED bed to create a cosy atmosphere at any time.

Non-reflective glass supplied as standard for an uninterrupted atmosphere and complete visual clarity.

Ambience beyond expectation - The Reflex fire range couples advanced technology with ultra-lifelike logs to create a gas flame effect almost indistinguishable from a woodburning fire.

Stunning Flames
The very heart of the Reflex’s design, the flame visuals have been meticulously crafted to mimic a real woodburning fire. Featuring three carefully positioned dual burners, flames dance and flow amongst the logs and can be set to either front only or front and rear flames, with either setting independently adjustable and infinitely variable. Whether you’re in the mood for a lazy fire or a dramatic blaze, you choose the atmosphere you desire. Ensuring a crystal-clear flame view, all Reflex fires feature non-reflective glass for a flawless, open-fire aesthetic.

Ultra-realistic Log-effects
The natural beauty of burning wood logs is one of the most charming elements of a wood fire. Expert crafting techniques combined with cutting-edge technology make the Reflex log-effect indiscernible from natural logs – ensuring every minute detail of the wood’s texture and grain is captured. Concealing the innovative dual burner system, this ultra-realistic fuel bed ensures an eye-catching centrepiece.

EmberLight LED Bed
Gazco Reflex EmberLight LED BedEncouraging intimate conversation and quiet reflection, a glowing hearth bathes the room in relaxing ambience and soft glow. The Reflex’s innovative EmberLight bed combines adjustable LED lighting with glass ember-effects, creating an immersive display which can be experienced with or without the flames - letting you enjoy the Reflex’s glow all year round.

Harmony10 Control System
Gazco’s Harmony10 control system lets you ignite, extinguish or adjust the height and heat of both the front and rear rear flame. You can also adjust the brightness of the ambient EmberLight LED fuel bed.Giving you complete control over the Reflex’s advanced features, the handset lets you maintain your chosen room temperature or program the fire to a daily or weekly schedule to fit your lifestyle. You can also adjust the Reflex’s EcoFlex gas saving mode, which modulates flame height by almost imperceptible degrees, lowering gas usage whilst maintaining the natural rise and fall of a real wood fire.

  • Ignite/extinguish flames
  • Front and rear flame control
  • Thermostatic Programmable Control
  • Daily / Weekly programmable schedule
  • EcoFlex gas saving mode
  • EmberLight LED bed (with or without flames)

Reflex Myfire App Control
Gazco Reflex MyFire ControlReflex fires can be selected with optional Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you use the Myfire app to control your fire from your smart phone or tablet device. In addition to offering all of the features of the Harmony10 handset, including easy flame and LED lighting control as well as programmable and thermostatic modes, this innovative app provides even greater control over your Reflex fire.

The Myfire app lets you fine tune the Reflex’s EcoFlex gas saving mode, letting you switch between low medium and high settings that save 45%, 25% or 10% gas depending on your choice. You can also select the length of the EcoFlex cycle, with 15, 20 or 25 minute durations allowing you to choose the rhythm of the flames.

For increased convenience, the Reflex app lets you save your fire’s settings in up to four different profiles. Create profiles for different seasons or even just to suit your mood. Should you have more than one Reflex fire in your home, you can also use the Myfire profiles to control each fire from a single tablet or smart phone.

Lining Options
Gazco Reflex Multi-Sided Lining OptionsThree lining choices let you set the stage for the 105’s spectacular flame visuals. Ledgestone and Brick-effect linings offer a classical backdrop that offsets the fire’s modern looks. The striking EchoFlame Black Glass reflects the flames on all sides for a deeper picture.

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Brand Gazco
Model Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue
Flue Type Balanced Flue  /  No Chimney required
Fuel Gas (Natural or LPG)
Maximum Heat Output Natural Gas: 9.9kW
LPG: 10.2kW
Maximum Heat Input 12.0kW
Efficiency 92%
Energy Efficiency Class A
Fuel Effect Logs
Interior Brick Effect / Black Glass / Ledgestone effect
Control Remote (Thermostatic)
Fascia Size Width - 1443mm    Height - 861mm    Depth - 24mm
Warranty 5 Years (extended warranty)

Gazco Reflex 105 Balanced Flue Dimensions

Reflex 105 Balanced Flue Icon XS fascia size: Width - 1443mm    Height - 861mm    Depth - 24mm

Due to the size and weight of this model, the Gazco Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue will be delivered to you on a palletised delivery service. All pallet deliveries are kerbside/front door delivery only, so please arrange adequate means to take your order into your home. Under normal circumstances this may take 2 people.

Current delivery times for the Reflex 105 Icon XS Balanced Flue is approximately 7 days however, this is dependant on stock levels at time of placing an order. Once an order is placed, we will contact you to advise if there is likely to be any delays on the estimated delivery time.

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