Gazco Studio 2 Verve Gas Fire

Gazco Studio 2 Verve Gas Fire
Gazco Studio 2 Verve Gas FireGazco Studio 2 Verve Gas FireGazco Studio 2 Verve Gas FireGazco Studio 2 Verve Gas Fire

The Gazco Studio 2 Verve gas fire boasts the widest overall dimensions in the Studio 2 range of gas fires. This striking, curved fascia frame is finished in graphite and provides a dynamic surround to show off the fires dancing flames. It will create a designer centrepiece ideal for larger rooms.

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This modern, designer hole-in-the-wall style gas fireplace features the extra wide 'Verve' fascia with its striking, three dimensional curved lines finished in a dramatic graphite finish. Well suited to larger living spaces, the Gazco Studio 2 Verve is offered with your choice of open-fronted, glass-fronted or balanced flue Studio 2 fires making it suitable for all home types. Choose from logs, driftwood, pebble & stone or white stones fuel beds depending on which model you choose and sit back and relax in front of this state-of-the-art gas fire which is operated by remote control.

Open Fronted - Gazco Studio 2 Verve
Charm and ambience from the open, dancing flames that will bring any room to life! The open-fronted Gazco Studio 2 Verve is a popular choice for anyone looking for a stylish centrepiece in their room that they can enjoy throughout the year. Open-fronted appliances such as this are designed for their aesthetics rather than performance allowing you to enjoy the fire effect without having to turn it off when your main heat source such as central heating is being used. With a heat output of up to 2.30kW, the fire won't provide a hot atmosphere meaning that you can install it below a plasma or LCD television (subject to requirements listed below). Cool, white stones combined with a black interior create a sensational effect and you have full control of the flames and on/off from the comfort of your armchair using the remote control supplied as standard.

Glass Fronted - Conventional Flue Gazco Studio 2 Verve (Mk2)
Gazco High Efficiency Gas FireFor a considerably higher heat output and efficiency rating, the glass-fronted, conventional flue Gazco Studio 2 Verve gas fire is a very popular choice. The glass front helps to reduce heat lost up the flue and therefore provides more heat for less gas used. This model is capable of providing up to 6.85kW of heat with efficiency at 78%. This updated, new version is now available with a large selection of fuel effects including a brand new Driftwood and Pebble & White Stones fuel effect plus three interior lining options including a highly reflective black glass.

Glass Fronted - Balanced Flue Gazco Studio 2 Verve
Gazco High Efficiency Balanced Flue Gas FireIf your home does not have a chimney or flue, the balanced flue model includes a 'Up & Out' balanced flue kit that expels the flue gases up and horizontally through an external wall. Being a glass-fronted model too, the Studio 2 balanced flue model offers high efficiency of up to 81% with a superb maximum heat output of 7.00kW. Available with a choice of three fuel effect plus a selection of black reeded, black glass or vermiculite interior linings. Due to the depth of the appliance, in most circumstances a stud wall will need to be built in the room to accommodate the appliance depth on flat wall installations (Gazco now offer a 'Slimline' Studio 1 Balanced Flue gas fire that is designed for flat wall installations)

All models are operated by Gazco's Command Controls: Standard remote (Open Fronted) and Programmable Thermostatic remote (Glass Fronted & Balanced Flue)

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Balanced Flue
Model Name Flue Type Max Heat Input Max Heat Output Efficiency
Studio 2 Open-Fronted Conventional 8.80kW 2.20kW 25%
Studio 2 Glass-Fronted Conventional 8.50kW 6.90kW 81%
Studio 2 Glass-Fronted Balanced 8.50kW (NG)
8.00kW (LPG)
6.90kW (NG)
6.50kW (LPG)


Studio 2 Verve Fascia Dimensions: 1500mm wide x 528mm high x 54mm deep

Gazco Studio 2 Gas Fire Dimensions

Due to the size and weight of this model, the Gazco Studio 2 Verve gas fire will be delivered to you on a palletised delivery service. All pallet deliveries are kerbside/front door delivery only, so please arrange adequate means to take your order into your home. Under normal circumstances this may take 2 people.

Current delivery times for the Studio 2 Verve is approximately 7 days however, this is dependant on stock levels at time of placing an order. Once an order is placed, we will contact you to advise if there is likely to be any delays on the estimated delivery time.