Elgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace Suite

Elgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace Suite
Elgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace SuiteElgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace SuiteElgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace SuiteElgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace SuiteElgin & Hall Vamella 900 Marble Gas Fireplace Suite

Thanks to innovative design, Elgin & Hall have engineered a way to fit their new highly desirable, oversize gas fire into the standard 16 x 22” opening in a UK chimney breast or pre-cast flue, with no need for any building work. The Vamella 900 suite is a complete solution offered in two marble finishes.

Fuel Effect:
Elgin & Hall
Showroom Exclusive
(VAT incl.)

Nothing beats the welcome of today’s Elgin & Hall gas fires. They come alive at a touch of the slide control. Then you can settle down and lose yourself in the ever changing picture of real flames dancing from the glowing bed of logs crafted from ceramic fibre for an authentic look.

The warmth from the Vamella 900 complete gas fireplace is equally welcoming – as much as 5.1kW of adjustable heat. That’s enough to make the room cosy from corner to corner. So you can save on central heating and enjoy up to 83% fuel efficiency. Because they are glass-fronted, the fire radiates heat and at the same time draws air in at the base and re-heat it (instead of wasting it up the flue) to flow out into the room from slim vents at the top of the fire.

Slide ControlBehold the delight of a single, integrated fireplace with advanced gas technology, that’s the marvel of the Elgin & Hall Vamella 900 suite. The innovative design of the exquisite micro marble encases the glass-fronted fire to create a true partnership of timeless beauty. Taking in every inch of the vast space, the flames will draw your gaze in to appreciate the glorious warmth of the fire.

Easy to fit, ignite and operate, the Vamella will satisfy your desire for a visionary masterpiece. No longer are those living in modern properties with a shallow, Class 2 Pre-cast flue limited to a standard 16" gas fire. This Vamella 900 allows you to keep up with the current fashion of combining a fireplace with a much larger fire which lets the flames take centre stage  and become a major feature of the overall design.

Flat wall fix installation directly into a standard 16” gas fire opening or a pre-cast flue opening with no need for chimney breast or lintel work - pre-cast spacer frame is not required for Class 1 & 2 openings. The gas fire provides 5.1kW of heat with an impressive 83% efficiency and is a modern alternative to an outset/slim line inset gas fire on a pre-cast flue.

Elgin & Hall Elsie 900 Gas Fire Installation Information

Fuel Natural Gas
Heat Output 5.1kW High
Maximum Efficiency 83%
Flue Requirement Class 1 / Class 2 (5" Pre-fabricated) / Class 2 Pre-Cast (when extra spacer is used)
Colour/Finish Manila or White micro-marble
Fuel Effect Logs
Control Remote
Gas Connection Size 8mm

Elgin & Hall Fireplace Dimension Diagram

Model Name Size A C D E F
Vamella 900 Suite 1320mm (52") 1320mm 1137mm 1320mm TBC 400mm


As with all Elgin & Hall products, the Vamella 900 complete gas fireplace suite is a 'Showroom Exclusive' item and only available for delivery within a serviceable area around our showroom in Manchester.
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