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Contemporary should still be cosy

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Every home should have a heart – and often the heart of the home is wherever your fireplace is. When you have a wood burning or multi fuel stove it’s not just where you’ll find the family, but it’s also a real crowd pleaser when it comes to any visitors.  People just naturally flock to your stove.

A fireplace, regardless of your style should always be cosy and using clever accessories and design will ensure your wood burning stove maintains its cosy character but is also ultra-chic.  A large canvas, a bold rug and maybe some LED lights.

Having a wood burning stove also provides an opportunity to make a feature of the fuel itself.  Logs can be displayed in a variety of unique ways – at the side of your stove and under it or even above it.

In today’s home your fireplace is not just about heating a room, it’s a statement, a comfort, an indulgence, a delight.

For those people looking for a stove for their fashionable home, some designs that will fit the bill include the:

ACR Neo 1C or the Neo 1P woodburning/multi fuel or the Dovre Astroline range or Dovre Sense.  The Nordpeis Duo stoves or the Nordpeis Uno – click the links to view the stoves on our website.

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