Chesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue Heater

Chesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue Heater
Chesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Barbecue Heater

Cook, eat and relax outside, whenever you want with the fabulous Heat & Grill outdoor heater and barbecue. Employing Chesneys’ award winning stove technology, this innovative wood burning heater and controllable barbecues delivers a beautiful radiant heat and a great cooking experience.

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Chesneys has a reputation for excellence in interior design, born of a commitment to fine craftsmanship and integrity. But they have also always had an eye on the way homeowners’ lives are changing. It was in this context that Chesneys started to look outside, where they saw increasing amounts of money being spent on outdoor living but few, if any, high-quality and environmentally responsible solutions to outdoor heating and entertaining.

Their award-winning range of wood burning stoves not only look beautiful but also employ the very latest technology to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, with minimal emissions. The entire collection is DEFRA exempt and safe to use in any smoke controlled zones. Chesneys began to wonder whether they could transfer these high standards to an outdoor context.

And so, using their tried and tested technology, they set their sights on creating the first outdoor wood burning stove which could also work as a barbecue. The first dual-function appliance of its type. The resultant HEAT Collection is both effective and atmospheric, but most importantly with the same exacting standards, allowing people to heat and enjoy their outdoor spaces with no concerns about harming the environment.

The Chesneys Heat & Grill is a high performance dual-function heater barbecue which has been made for those who love nothing more than firing up the barbecue for a spontaneous outdoor feast or simply looking for ways to use their precious outdoor space more often.

The grill size is ideal for rustling up some sausages and burgers for a party of 6-8 using fine grade charcoal or popping a pizza stone on the grill, closing the lid and achieving perfectly cooked crisp pizza in minutes, over kiln dried logs. The elegant design will suit any exterior style and encourage you to get outside more, even if it is just to have a cup of coffee with the newspaper, on a sunny but cooler day.

The HEAT collection offers a versatile and easy way to cook food on either charcoal or wood with great results and satisfyingly little smoke. Cooking on charcoal and wood is widely recognised in the culinary world as a highly effective way to impart flavour into food, with growing numbers of chefs across the world choosing to cook on open flames.

Chesneys  wanted to create an appliance which worked as a fantastic barbecue as well as an environmentally-friendly and easily controlled outdoor heater. It was the addition of a steel baffle plate that enabled us to achieve both objectives without compromising on heat production in either the heating or cooking mode. The baffle moves from the upright position to sit in front of the glass, re-directing the heat upwards towards the grill and very importantly also acts as a shield to protect your body from the high temperatures inside.

All four heater barbecues in the HEAT range can be lit and brought up to temperatures of around 300˚C in just 20 minutes and achieve top temperatures of 600˚C. The fully insulated, thermal rotation lid means that with the lid closed, the barbecue will work as an outdoor oven sealing in the heat and keeping the food succulent and tender.

The ease of use and reliability of the products will appeal to the weekend barbecue enthusiast as well as the ambitious outdoor chef.


Cook a steak in minutes or rustle up some grilled fish or seafood in an instant using low temperatures with either direct or indirect heat.

Bake some bread or biscuits with the ability to maintain a constant heat and effective thermal rotation lid sealing in the heat, just like an oven.

Roast an impressive joint of beef or a chicken, adjusting the height of the grill by a simple rotation to ensure enough room for cooking with the lid down, resulting in tasty meat, staying moist for hours.

Impart the flavour of charcoal or wood by using indirect heat for a delicious smoky flavour and tender meat.

Take the wok outside and cook a sizzling stir-fry with the indirect heat of the fire.

Place a pizza stone on the grill, your choice of pizza on the stone, close the lid and achieve perfect crispness in just a few minutes.

After cooking the unit will self-clean if put into heating mode.

Properly maintained HEAT will deliver a dependable and safe source of heating and versatile easy cooking for years to come. The Heat Collection not only delivers great performance and environmental standards but also offers a 5-year Guarantee. Like all Chesneys products, the HEAT collection is built to the highest technical specifications using the finest quality materials.

Due to directional air supply, there is significantly less smoke produced, than by other solid fuel outdoor heating and cooking products. A short flue pipe directs what little smoke there is, away from the unit and those around it.

Five Years for the bodies of the appliance. One Year all non-consumable body parts.

The heater operates in the same way as a wood burning stove with a single lever to control air flow into the chamber and subsequently the level of heat generated. The glass door allows the fuel to be replenished with ease, with the glow of the flames being always visible.

The movement of a steel baffle plate inside the chamber changes the appliance from heating mode into cooking mode in minutes. The combustion technology used in the Chesneys range of indoor wood burning stoves has been adapted to provide a degree of temperature control that is uniquely sensitive and responsive to a barbecue.

View the Chesneys Outdoor Living brochure below:

Chesneys Outdoor Living Brochure 2019



The Heat & Grill comes complete with flue.

Additionally the product comes with the following:

  • Pair of metal side shelves
  • Analogue thermometer
  • Pair of stove gloves
  • Scoop for removing ash
  • Weatherproof cover

Optional Accessories

Chesneys HEAT Accessories


View The Chesneys HEAT user guide below:

Chesneys Heat User Guide

To view FAQ's on the HEAT range please click HERE

Model Name Clean Burn
Fuel Wood / Charcoal
Flue Pipe Included Yes
Colours Black
Weight 116kg
Flue Diameter 80mm
Construction Steel & Cast Iron
Warranty Limited 3 Year Warranty on body (does not include rust, oxidation, blemishes, fading)

Chesneys HEAT & GRILL Outdoor Wood Burning Stove and Barbecue Sizes (mm)

Chesneys Heat & Grill BBQ / Heater Sizes

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