Chesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue Heater

Chesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue Heater
Chesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT GARDEN GOURMET Outdoor Barbecue Heater

This stylish, robust barbecue and outdoor wood burning stove is the perfect addition to your home. The Garden Gourmet is capable of cooking food to perfection when set to the precise temperature then allowing you to enjoy longer periods outside with warmth and character provided by burning logs.

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Updated for 2019, the Gourmet Collection, based on the 2018 range (the 500, 600 and 700 models) but now fitted with wheels for easier movement and more accessories included as standard. Ideal for ambitious cooks and sized to suit different sizes of outdoor space.

From the new, innovative range of outdoor living products by Chesney's, the HEAT Garden Gourmet is a versatile appliance capable of cooking using a unique degree of temperature control, ease of use and variety of cooking modes that provides almost limitless opportunities for cooking different recipes. It’s very fast to light and emits very little smoke.

Once the outside dining is completed, the Garden Gourmet extends the time that you can spend outside. Sitting around the fire late into the evening with a group of friends is one of life’s great pleasures and with plenty of warmth offered by the extremely controllable and clean burning log fire, it provides a lovely, central feature for you to gather around until late into the night!

Everyone loves the experience of cooking, eating and relaxing outside. We enjoy it when we’re abroad on holiday but it’s a challenge at home because of our unpredictable weather. Chesney's designed their new Heat collection of Barbecue Heaters with the Great British Climate in mind. There aren’t many nights a year when it’s warm enough to sit outside and relax after a meal and they wanted to change that. Using their award-winning stove technology, they’ve created a beautiful, environmentally friendly outdoor heater that will make every night a magical experience!

Before starting work on the HEAT collection, Chesney's had already developed the technology in their stove range to produce a wood burning outdoor heater that would be efficient, clean and beautiful to look at. The challenge was to ensure that the same appliance could also provide an outstanding barbecuing and cooking experience. It needed to have a versatility and functionality that would appeal to the ambitious outdoor chef as well as the ease of use and reliability required by the weekend barbecue enthusiast.

They have designed an appliance that ticks all these boxes and which they believe is not only the best barbecue on the market but also offers a unique outdoor heating solution, which is both effective and atmospheric. So whether you’re a candidate for Masterchef or just want to make sure your sausages, steak and burgers are cooked to a turn, the HEAT Garden Gourmet is for you. After cooking it will even self-clean once in heating mode allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved rest relaxing in the warm glow of the fire!

Featuring a rotatable, removable grill for variable cooking heights and for Wok cooking, an insulated lid to reduce heat loss, single lever air control for cooking and heating, cool touch handles, digital thermometer for precise cooking control, all weather cover and ash pan for easy ash removal.

Grilling - The HEAT Garden Gourmet barbecue will grill beautifully. With temperatures in excess of 400°C a steak can be cooked in minutes leaving the meat moist and with searing lines enhancing its flavour. Low temperature grilling of fish and seafood is simple, cooking directly on the grill with the option of using direct or indirect heat.

Roasting - With a sealed cooking area and thermal rotation, meat will remain moist for hours whilst cooking on a single load of charcoal with the HEAT Garden Gourmet barbecue. The unique rotating grill allows the height of the cooking area to be increased or decreased, accommodating very large cuts of meat if required.

Baking - The combination of constant temperature control and highly effective thermal rotation will result in a degree of even baking that produces outstanding results. For pizza lovers a HEAT barbecue is perfect as the high temperature required for indirect cooking can be achieved by burning wood.

Smoking - An increasingly popular home cooking method, the Garden Gourmet is capable of providing the long and slow indirect cooking that is required to impart the flavour of the wood or charcoal that is being used in the smoking process and result in tenderising the meat that is being cooked.

The Heat collection changes the way we use the outdoors, whether it’s a large garden or a roof terrace. I love the fact that it extends the time we can spend outside. Sitting around the fire late into the evening with a group of friends is one of life’s great pleasures.”  James Martin

Cook the perfect meal, then enjoy the warmest night of the year with the Chesneys HEAT Garden Gourmet barbecue heater. The sealed chamber on this model offers a healthier way to stay warm. Unlike a firepit, it uses clean burn technology to burn logs which reduces harmful particulate emissions at a time when there is increasing concern over air pollution. It is also environmentally friendly. Burning wood is a carbon neutral compared with gas patio heaters which emit significant volumes of CO2 and contribute to climate change.

The powerful, radiant heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, which means the burn rate and heat output can be governed by means of a simple control system. The large glass viewing window provides a beautiful view of the flames as well as a safer heating experience.

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Model Name HEAT Garden Gourmet
Fuel Wood & Charcoal
Flue Pipe Included Yes
Colours Black
Weight 175kg
Flue Diameter 80mm
Construction Steel & Cast Iron
Warranty 5 Year on appliance body / 1 Year on all non-consumable body parts
Chesneys HEAT Garden Gourmet Sizes
The Heat Collection of Barbecue Heaters by Chesneys are delivered using a specialist, 'White Glove' service. Surcharge prices for this service vary by model and are displayed at the checkout stage. The delivery consists of:
  • Contact the customer by telephone and discuss the site where the appliance will be situated and book a suitable delivery date
  • Give the customer a contact at their customer service centre
  • Call the customer 1 hour before delivery
  • Place the appliance in the garden where the customer wants to site it
  • Unpack it
  • Assemble it
  • Write the serial number in the manual for reference
  • Take away all the packaging
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