Chesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue Heater

Chesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue Heater
Chesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue HeaterChesneys HEAT 500 Collection Outdoor Barbecue Heater

Let the outdoor entertaining last long with the fabulous Chesney's HEAT 500 barbecue and heater. Once you've enjoyed the delicious food cooked to perfection, this innovative new appliance will provide warmth and ambience as it also doubles as a controllable, powerful wood burning stove.

HEAT 500 Side Shelves:
Showroom Exclusive
(VAT incl.)
Nothing beats entertaining with family and friends outside and whether you've a large country garden or townhouse terrace, there's something magical about alfresco dining. Whilst here in Britain we may be limited to the amount of clement weather we get to enjoy, the HEAT 500 barbecue and outside heater offers an excellent solution to enjoying your outside space for longer periods whilst doubling-up as a versatile and controllable cooking appliance.

Chesney's are renown for their superb wood burning stoves and gorgeous fireplaces. They have used their extensive knowledge and experience within this industry to create their HEAT Collection of designer barbecues which are offered in a range of sizes and styles to suit all lifestyles.

The HEAT 500 comprises of a sturdy cylindrical body, BBQ lid top and a tapered base with convenient log storage space. Supplied with its own flue allowing the minimal smoke produced from the appliance to be expelled away cleanly and safely allowing for a pleasant cooking/heating experience. Removable wooden side shelves for the HEAT 500 can be purchased as an additional accessory.

When it is time to eat, the Chesneys HEAT 500 is a controllable and precise cooking appliance. With a heat shield incorporated within the barbecue which lowers down to cover the ceramic glass window allowing you to stand comfortably in front of the barbecue. It is recommended that you cook using charcoal which will produce that lovely, unique flavour for by searing the meat quickly and creating a delicious, caramalised exterior and smoky taste. Once the HEAT 500 has reached the desired, precise temperature, the combustion technology that Chesneys uses in its range of stoves has been adapted to provide a degree of temperature control that is uniquely sensitive and responsive to a barbecue. This means that grilling a steak or undertaking the most complex recipe can be approached with absolute confidence.

Indirect and direct heat and variable cooking height positions are all available plus the HEAT 500 is extremely easy to refuel with an opening glass door. It produces significantly less smoke than is generated by a normal barbecue due to directional air supply whilst the short flue pipe supplied with the appliance directs what little smoke there is away from the barbecue. Ultra fast start-up due to the unique combustion process means the barbecue is ready to cook within 15 minutes of lighting! Removable wood side shelf provide a convenient area to prepare food and store utensils.

The Chesney's HEAT 500 boasts multiple cooking modes including grilling, chargrilling, smoking, roasting, baking and braising, low and slow cooking and pizza baking. After cooking it will even self-clean once in heating mode.

Once you've enjoyed the food cooked to perfection inevitably, temperatures will drop and in normal situations, you'll start to venture back indoors. The HEAT 500 will allow you to continue to enjoy your outdoor space as it features a highly controllable yet easily operated wood burning stove. As a sealed appliance it acts as a healthier way to stay warm. Unlike a firepit, it uses clean burn technology to burn logs which reduces harmful particulate emissions at a time when there is increasing concern over air pollution.

The HEAT 500 is also an extremely efficient, effective way to heat. Radiant heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, which means the burn rate and heat output can be governed by means of a simple control system. It’s environmentally friendly. Burning wood is a carbon neutral compared with gas patio heaters which emit significant volumes of CO2 and contribute to climate change.

With its large glass window providing a generous view of the fire within which will be a great place to congregate around creating ambience as well as warmth. It’s is also a clean way to heat. Chesneys’ award-winning wood stove technology means that there is no smoke emitted and no need for clothes, hair and eyes to suffer from the bonfire effect.

Like all Chesneys products, their HEAT 500 Barbecue Heater is built to last. They’ve used the best materials, including cast iron components produced to the highest technical specifications and the toughest ceramic glass and internal panels. Their confidence in the product is reflected in the five year guarantee they offer for the bodies of their appliances and the one year guarantee for all non-consumable body parts.

Model Name HEAT 500
Fuel Wood & Charcoal
Flue Pipe Included Yes
Colours Black, Atlantic Blue and Sage Green paint finishes
Weight 115kg
Flue Diameter 80mm
Construction Steel & Cast Iron
Warranty 5 Year on appliance body / 1 Year on all non-consumable body parts
HEAT 500 Sizes

Available to Order - Estimated Release Spring 2018

The Heat Collection of Barbecue Heaters by Chesneys are delivered using a specialist, 'White Glove' service. Surcharge prices for this service vary by model and are displayed at the checkout stage. The delivery consists of:

  • Contact the customer by telephone and discuss the site where the appliance will be situated and book a suitable delivery date
  • Give the customer a contact at their customer service centre
  • Call the customer 1 hour before delivery
  • Place the appliance in the garden where the customer wants to site it
  • Unpack it
  • Assemble it
  • Write the serial number in the manual for reference
  • Take away all the packaging